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League Analyzer for Volleyball is the most sophisticated volleyball scheduling, league management, tournament and statistics software available in a retail package. Set up any type of league, with any number of teams, players, officials and playing locations. Create sophisticated schedules like those used by professional volleyball.

Run over eleven different tournament formats in real-time, each allowing any number of teams. Run in multi-user mode over a network, or create replicas of your database for on-site game reporting or home use and synchronize back in the office.

  • League Setup and Management
  • Set up any volleyball league arrangement; from professional leagues like professional volleyball, to collegiate-level leagues to minor and recreational leagues.
  • Assign any number of teams, players, officials and playing locations to volleyball leagues.
  • Manage any number of seasons; save team, player and official data and transfer between seasons.
  • Generate Exhibition, Regular Season, Playoff and Practice volleyball schedules, blending them together into a single master schedule.
  • Scheduling
  • Develop sophisticated volleyball schedules like those used by professional volleyball and collegiate leagues with one of the most sophisticated scheduling algorithms in a retail software package.
  • Schedule leagues with an even or odd number of teams with divisional, inter-divisional and inter-conference games.
  • Once your schedules are created, use our automated officials scheduler to assign referees, umpires, scorekeepers and other officials.
  • Tournament Management
  • Easily manage volleyball playoffs and tournaments with the most complete functionality available in any retail software package.
  • Full featured scheduling algorithms with 11 different tournament formats including single and double elimination, triple knockout, 2, 3 and 4 game guarantees, consolation draws, round robin draws and more.
  • Support ANY number of volleyball teams with all tournament formats. No other software offers that level of tournament support.
  • Statistics
  • Customize statistics parameters to select only the data that you wish to report on.
  • Choose from over 40 Statistics to create, save and export reports.
  • Generate over 30 reports that print standings, schedules, teams and player information.
  • Export to HTML and CSV (comma delimited) format so you can upload our data and report on it with any tool you choose.
  • Technology
  • Run the software in multi-user mode over a LAN, accessing the same database with multiple computers.
  • Create replicas of your database for game reporting or working at home; synchronize your changes with all other user's data back in the office. The perfect solution for scorekeepers.
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Minimum System Requirements
Hardware: PC with 256MB of Memory and 75MB of free hard drive space

Operating System: Windows 2003, XP SP1, 2000, NT SP6 are preferred. Will run under Windows 95/98 SE/ME with 512MB of Memory.

Processor: Pentium CPU @ 1GHZ or higher is recommended.

Easy Setup
Our new League Setup and Scheduling Wizards make it a snap to setup and maintain even the most complex leagues. The software will automatically determine the best schedule based on the parameters you set.